Really , Theatre Exile, Photos By Paola Nogueras
  XOXO Moongirl,  Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, Photos By Dan Kontz
  The Monster in the Hall,  Inis Nua, Photos By Plate 3
  Basic Witches , Directed By Steve Pacek, Photos by Jenna Pinchbeck
  Snow White,  Arden Theatre Co., Photos By Mark Garvin
  The Swallowing Dark,  Inis Nua, Photos By Plate 3
  Kink Haus,  Gunnar Montana Productions, Photos by Garett Mathews
  Love, Lies & Taxidermy , Inis Nua, Photos By PLATE 3
  Lex and Goldiline , Swarthmore College, Photos by Steve Weinik 
  A Little Play About Betrayal , Jennifer Hoffmaster, Walnut Studio 5, Photos: Dave Sarrafian
  XY Scheherazade,  Unstuck Theatre, Photos: Dave Sarrafian
  Rail , Missing Bolts Productions, Photos By Plate 3